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3D Technology

Dr. Wallender and his team utilize multiple forms of 3D technology to enhance the precision and customization of your care.

Some examples of the 3D tools he utilizes include:

  • Cone Beam Computed Tomography: this device obtains three-demensional radiographic images used to evaluate dental and facial anomalies. Dr. Wallender also uses this information for virtual surgical planning for dental implant placement and for corrective jaw surgery.
  • 3-D intraoral scanner: this device obtains three-dimensional color images of the teeth and oral cavity. Dr. Wallender uses this information for evaluating oral pathology, virtual surgical planning for digital guided dental implant placement, and for virtual surgical planning for corrective jaw surgery. Dr. Wallender also uses this scanner to obtain imaging for patient-specific restoration of dental implants.
  • 3-D printer: this device is utilized to print patient-specific custom guides for dental implant placement. Dr. Wallender uses the aforementioned technology to digitally plan ideal implant placement. He then uses this information to print a patient- specific surgical guide to ensure the ideal positioning of the implant for a long- lasting and esthetic restoration.
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