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Clear Liquid Diet

● Water
● Clear broth
● Fat-free consommé
● Juices (apple, white grape, white cranberry
and cider) without pulp
● Non Carbonated, powder based beverages
(lemonade and Kool-Aid, no red/purple
food coloring)
● Sodas (Sprite, 7-Up, ginger ale and seltzer)
Coffee or tea (without milk or cream)
● Clear gelatin (without fruit pieces or
red/purple food coloring)
● Ice Water
● Clear, hard candies
● Salt and sugar

● Milk
● Cream
● Milkshakes
● Tomato juice Orange juice
● Grapefruit juice
● Cream soups
● Any soup other than broth
● Oatmeal
● Farina
● Anything with red or purple food coloring,
gelatin, popsicles and hard candy