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EarWell® is a non-surgical device that can help infants correct ear deformities, providing them with a more symmetrical and natural-looking appearance. This innovative device is designed to reshape a newborn’s ear cartilage, providing permanent results without the need for surgery.

The EarWell® system is recommended for children from birth to 3 weeks of age, as this is the ideal window of opportunity to reshape the ear cartilage. This is because the ear cartilage is most pliable during this time and can be easily molded into a more natural shape.

The EarWell® device is made up of soft, medical-grade silicone that is gentle on your baby’s skin. It is designed to work by applying gentle, constant pressure to specific areas of the ear, helping to reshape it gradually over time. The device is custom-fitted to your child’s ear, ensuring that it is comfortable and secure.

Earwell - baby ear close up

EarWell® Usage & Benefits

One of the main benefits of the EarWell® system is that it is non-surgical. This means that parents can avoid exposing their child to the risks associated with general anesthesia, surgical procedures, and recovery time. Additionally, EarWell® is painless and requires minimal maintenance, making it a convenient option for parents who want to correct their child’s ear deformities without the hassle of surgery.

Another benefit of EarWell® is that it can address a wide range of ear deformities, including Stahl’s ear, constricted ear, lop ear, and cup ear. EarWell® is also effective at treating newborns with ear deformities resulting from conditions such as craniosynostosis, torticollis, and hemifacial microsomia. Plagiocephaly and torticollis.

The EarWell® system is typically worn for 4-6 weeks, and parents are advised to keep the device on their child’s ear 24 hours a day to ensure the best results. During this time, our trained EarWell® providers will monitor your child’s progress and make any necessary adjustments to the device to ensure that it is working as intended.

In some cases, multiple EarWell® devices may be needed to achieve the desired results. Our team of experts will work with you to determine the best treatment plan for your child and ensure that they are comfortable and happy throughout the process.

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EarWell® is a safe and effective non-surgical option for parents looking to correct their child’s ear deformities. At Pensacola Oral and Facial Surgery, we are proud to offer this innovative device to our patients and help parents provide their children with a more symmetrical and natural-looking appearance. If you are interested in learning more about EarWell®, contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our EarWell® providers.